Vegan “Kentucky Fried Copy-Cat chicken” cauli pieces – Finger lickin’ good mumma !

This will be my last recipe for a few days, as we are moving house, tomorrow is the start of a series of D-Days !  So, I will keep it

The kids are alright … with Hearty “meatballs” in a rich tomato sauce

A Monday night quickie, “meatballs” in a rich tomato sauce. Son loves meatballs, I don’t as I’ve been vegetarian for as long as I can remember, thought I’d try a

You can have your cake & eat it too … Spiced carrot cupcakes, made from just veggies !

Firstly, please don’t be scared of this recipe, it’s really simple ! No beating or fancy techniques – just grating, heating, mixing, baking and eating. I’ve included some “in-action” pics

Ottoman Cabbage Rolls, winner for all the fam-bam & so very filling

Felt like something filling, had a half cabbage in the fridge. Thought of cabbage rolls but after all that Russian cabbage soup, just wanted some different flavour .. welcome a

Another quickie … Best mash recipe, with one simple added step … and some spicy tid-bits = Aloo Bharta

Look, I’m such a sucker for a mash. Especially though shall remain nameless ending an “ato” mash. Also a sucker for flavour. So combined those two suckers together and made

Macaroni cheese, ultimate dreary weather comfort food & finally a “cheese” sauce I love !

Yes, finally, I’ve made a cheese sauce recipe I love to eat. There are many out there, most using nutritional yeast as the cheese flavour. Well. High carbs in that

Yakisoba noodles, so very simple and so very delicious !

A little like good old Chow Mien, but with the depth of flavour of Japanese dishes. Delicious street food reinvigorated for the Optifaster’s taste buds (or restrictive list , one

Kill-a-kilo soup version with lower cal & half the carb, Welcome “Shchi” Russian cabbage soup

Gave the Kill-a-kilo soup a whirl this week. Personally, found it way too sweet for my liking, even minus the french onion soup mix, especially after drinking the sweet shakes

A meal in focus, how I manage cooking for “others”, a few ideas from the Madras …

Note: This post has photos and descriptions of non-Opti foods. You have been warned !  I’ve had quite a few off-line enquiries about how I manage Optifast intensive phase with

Hot Madras is here, for those who like lots of flavour (but not for the faint hearted).

The elusive Madras. Of course, you can definitely buy the ready made powder, but I looked at the ingredients and thought “nah” too many fillers including cornflour, which we cannot