Super duper vegan Caesar salad !

Banging out the recipe as I shovel this salad in, I am so pleased with the result. I’ve tried to make it as quick and easy as possible. You can

First salad … Welcome sun ! Grain-free Middle eastern tabbouleh

Here comes the sun ! Had a casual BBQ lunch with a few family members today, so thought it was time to get my salad hat on. Cannot wait to

Chunky take on Cauliflower soup … Creamy vegetable chowder :)

Weather has turned here today, cold, wet and grey. Love my soup, so thought I would try a chunky vegetable chowder. Traditional one has potato, flour, butter and bacon as

Hearty mushroom stroganoff with pappardelle, great mid week dinner

Just before the first buds of spring, I had to get in my version of mushroom stroganoff. The pappardelle pasta is a good texture but needs a hearty chunky sauce

Welcome spring ! Pad Thai with roasted “nuts” … Time to lighten up

Lip smacking tasty Pad Thai for lunch today. Have felt like it for ages, but had to think how to recreate all the different flavours and textures. The verdict was

Creamy tomato & carrot soup … one pot quick go-to !

Absolutely love this soup, my lovely mother-in-law made a version of this many years ago with potato and it has stayed as a family favourite. I have simply substituted the

Good old deep fried Dim Sim reinvented , no pussie cats harmed in the making of this recipe !

Well after a rather busy and stressful move, Opti Cook is back in the kitchen ! I’ve been trying this one for a while now, finally got a good combo