American style hot dogs, great “add in” for all the BBQs this summer :)

A good one for all those summer BBQs. They can be made the day before and sat in the fridge ready for the BBQ in the marinade or do them

Chinese chow mein noodles, tastes like the good old Maggi mix !

Very quick, very easy. Made for lunch a few times and fridged the leftover for a quick meal over the next couple of days. The mushrooms give it a “mincey”

Stained glass coconut jelly squares … Awesome sweet desert plate

This is certainly not my creation, it’s been around for a while now, I’ve simply modified it to be intensive suitable. The milk used is from the allowance as noted

Crunchy blooming onion … So delish ! Like onion rings !

A good one for a gathering at your place. Looks good on the table and the fact you can dig in as well is so good this time of year

Christmas mug pudding with brandy “custard” … Challenge delivered !

Firstly, it needs to be noted by all my readers that this mug pudding is “intensive suitable” for people with a BMI over 40 but an egg white has been used. It

Chinese lemon “chicken” sauce. Just like in the take-away container !

I  swear this tastes markedly similar to the Chinese take-away one in the plastic container … Key is using onion to thicken rather than the “banned” corn flour – gives it

Two festive “bring a plate” ideas …. Tomato picks & minty dip jars

Parties are always a bit hard. Here’s two simple hand held ideas if you are asked to bring a plate. Remember tooth picks aren’t kiddie friendly, so care should be