Veggie popper muffins … ✔️✔️✔️ for an awesome snack !

Well, I did try to make little mini garlic breads, they looked impressive but just did not enjoy the taste, you could taste the cauliflower over all that garlic. So

Spicy vegetable samosa stuffing = an Indian street food morsel minus the pastry !

I’ve always loved a bag of Indian takeaway samosa, sometimes in the “chat” style in a takeaway container with a yoghurt dressing drizzled over the top … So last night

Quick vegan Nasi goreng with zucchini rice … Spicy goodness for all you chilli lovers ??? !

Hi everyone ! Happy Australia Day for those in oz land. Felt like something spicy today, haven’t had Thai flavours for a while so thought, Nasi goreng, yum yum. Worked

Vegan meaty burgers ! Filling. Tasty. Easy.

Evening all ! Another take on my hash brown technique, this time a “meaty” burger. I’ve used mushrooms and eggplant to bring the meaty taste and texture. I’ve also added

One-pot Chinese style zucchini fried rice – not a cauli in sight !

Got my thinking cap on the past couple of days, I love rice dishes but I’m very sick of cauliflower at the moment ! So I wondered about making grains

Eggplant parmigiana = cauli-less Italian stallion

So yummy I ate my allowance in one hit. oppppps ! I’m a complete sucker for anything Italian, love a tomato base with a bit of creaminess, love eggplant too. If

Sri Lankan curry pie with cauliflower mash topping … My favourite recipe so far !

Hi everyone ! This is just very delicious. Now I do realise it is summer and it’s not really pie weather, but the comfort factor is right here ! It’s

Spicy Asian glazed broccoli drumsticks … taste sensation !

After plenty of creamy and super filling dishes over the festive season, I decided to whip up something spicy with Asian flavours for lunch today. I’ve been wanting to try

Spinach cob dip , a creamy fav !

Happy New Year everyone ! Did this over the festive season but no time to wack it up, so here it is ! Lovely to have for a meal as well,