Zucchini, snow pea & mint soup – very easy & fresh as a daisy !

Good afternoon ! Here is a quick and simple zucchini soup. It’s also fresh, crisp, green & yummy. Did I say quick & simple ? I really enjoyed eating this

Cauliflower “steaks” with salsa verde, my own long-time recipe but it’s just so trendy right now !

Hello all ! I’ve been doing these steaks for a while now, as well as broccoli ones too, done the same way. So fresh, green, filling & crispy.  Anyway, these

Simple 30 minute vegetable stew – simple, straight forward but not bland, nice “n” tasty !

Hi all, A very quick simple recipe here. A great one for beginning cooks or those time poor, like me at the moment ! Awesome for the freezer in portions

Old-fashioned bangers & mash with brown onion gravy, a vegan take on an old favourite !

Hi fellow cooks ! Been working on all these recipes for a little while now and finally got the whole trio tasting awesome together. I sat down last night &

Old fashioned vegan spiced carrot & capsicum sausages. Yummy !

Hi ! I’ve been doing sausages using the OptiCook burger recipe for a little while now, but thought I would do another variety, namely carrot and capsicum. I’m a bit

Grain-free brown onion & herb gravy, thick & tasty goodness !

Hi all ! I’ve been working on some sort of brown gravy for a while now and have only now been happy with the flavours and consistency. Using the two

Creamy vegan garlic cauliflower mash, a simple side dish for most other things !

Hello all ! This is a basic recipe, a take on mashed potatoes but very low carb and cal. It’s a nice one to have with steamed vegetables, a roast

Simple Indian Kadai mushrooms with saffron cauliflower rice, a great midweek dish

Good morning ! Wanted a curry in a hurry yesterday, remember I loved Kadai mushrooms from the Indian takeaway, so decided to modify one ! Super low cal and carbs.

Plant-based salt & pepper zucchini rings with a spicy lemon dipping sauce

Happy Friday everyone … Yes, this is fiddly one, definitely not a mid week cook & eat, maybe good for this weekend though ? Very very tasty, just yummy, what else

Veggies-only antipasti pinwheels (grain, dairy, gluten, nut and egg-free), a little fiddly but worth it !

Hi all, These pinwheels are a take on my flat bread recipe. I used antipasti from jars, which is totally fine and much easier than doing your own. Just make