Veggie wrap round up , when you’re looking for that crunch !

Veggie wrap round up ! My top 12 favourites ! Gives crunch to a meal & is very satisfying to eat. Without further ado …. here they are ! Link under

Vietnamese Noodle Soup (Pho) , a not so traditional version for VLCD

Well, my creative bones have started creaking, so I had to scratch the itch ! It has been far too long between Optifast intensive phase recipes, life got in the

After a hiatus .. I’m back with Singapore Noodles ! (Vegan + gluten, grain, nut & sugar-free)

Why Hello there ! We are finally settled into the new house. It’s been a bit of an ordeal as this was no ordinary house move. Changing my lifestyle &

Vegan Malai Kofta (+ gluten, grain, nut & sugar free) … spicy little balls of Indian yum covered with a creamy spicy gravy

Hi all ! Still moving but paused to create this little number, a vegan malai kofta. It is cold here, so bitterly cold, I needed something to warm me up

Thai Plant-based Pad Kee Mao noodles (vegan + gluten, grain, nut & sugar-free), a spicy treat

Friday night quickie – Plant-based Pad Kee Mao noodles.  So delicious, I dug in and ate so much of it I feel ill ! A fav of mine when I

Malaysian Satay Noodles (Vegan + gluten, grain & sugar-free) – a spicy bowl of yum

Hi ! Apologies for a bit of a long absence this week in between recipes, I do try to post at least twice a week but we are preparing to

Plant-based Thai Green Curry (gluten, grain, nut & sugar-free) – great for a cold day !

Say Hello to my new Plant-based Thai green curry. Awesome for the cold weather that has swept the state, very very filling and I thoroughly enjoyed slurping those noodles up

Two-step coconut & ginger carrot soup (Vegan, plant-based + gluten, nut & grain free) … so easy & tasty

Hello all ! This one was a total fluke, I had run out of veggies after a big cook up a few days ago & had a few onions &

Japanese Bento box. Done. Worth it. So yummy it should be illegal !

Good evening fellow cooks ! Okey dokey all ! It is done. Awesome mix of beautiful flavours Japanese Bento style. All vegan plus grain, gluten & nut-free. We have roasted

Grain-free soba noodle salad

Hi all ! A quick and tasty way of using zucchinis and your spiraliser ! Yes, you do need a spiraliser for this dish. Awesome accompaniment to other Jappy things,