Toasted Carrot Bruschetta (vegan + gluten, grain, nut & sugar-free) = a yummy low-carb carrot toast snack

Hello all ! What a nifty little snack this carrot toast is ! Definitely NOT my bright idea as I recently saw sweet potato used this way including toasting the

Plant-based Leek & Cauliflower soup with Broccoli Pesto (vegan + grain, gluten & sugar-free) – so nourishing & tasty

Good afternoon, I love a smooth creamy soup. I also love green vegetables. However, being in the dead of Winter, I am sick of creamy soups, I’ve been having them

Vegan Lasagne (gluten, grain, sugar & nut-free) – traditional Beef Lasagne or Lasagna reinvented !

Afternoon all & say a big Hello Vegan Lasagne ! As you know I have been doing this OptiCook thing a while now, a few months shy of 12 months.

Grain-free Spaghetti Bolognese with cauliflower Parmesan “cheese” (vegan)

Hi all, A very easy recipe, it is a slow cooking recipe after all the ingredients are in the pot (1-1 1/2 hours), so allow the time, as the flavours

Veggies-only antipasti pinwheels (grain, dairy, gluten, nut and egg-free), a little fiddly but worth it !

Hi all, These pinwheels are a take on my flat bread recipe. I used antipasti from jars, which is totally fine and much easier than doing your own. Just make

Grain & nut-free Romesco sauce , so versatile !

Hi ! This is just delish ! Made of cauliflower for the nuttiness, roasted capsicums and tomatoes to compliment ! It produced a heavy Spanish inspired red sauce. Can be used

Vegan creamy spaghetti carbonara, a pleasure to eat

How could I have forgotten about this gorgeous dish ?  Being vegetarian I’ve done a similar thing over the years, totally and absolutely laden on butter, eggs, cheese and cream,

Eggplant parmigiana = cauli-less Italian stallion

So yummy I ate my allowance in one hit. oppppps ! I’m a complete sucker for anything Italian, love a tomato base with a bit of creaminess, love eggplant too. If

Two festive “bring a plate” ideas …. Tomato picks & minty dip jars

Parties are always a bit hard. Here’s two simple hand held ideas if you are asked to bring a plate. Remember tooth picks aren’t kiddie friendly, so care should be

Festive Antipasto platter, easy plate for all those functions ! Includes a spicy carrot dip :)

This platter means you can nibble all night without breaking a sweat ! You could bother to chargrill all your vegetables, but it takes too much time for me, oven