Veggie wrap round up , when you’re looking for that crunch !

Veggie wrap round up ! My top 12 favourites ! Gives crunch to a meal & is very satisfying to eat. Without further ado …. here they are ! Link under

Carrot french fries, shoestring, whatever, just yummy !

Hi everyone ! A long time in between posts but you get that, life happened ! Had a hankering. Decided to research best way to cook long thin fries &

Zucchini Big Mac sauce, a very easy recipe & certainly tasty !

Oh my goodness me, I have been working on this one for a while now, first trying it as a powder (which didn’t work), so a sauce it is. Totally

Aussie curried carrot sausages with turmeric zucchini rice (vegan + gluten, grain, nut & sugar-free) … comfort food in a bowl

Hi all,  I remember this recipe as a young child, as a vegetarian I hated it for obvious reasons, but loved the sauce. I’ve tried to replicate it as best

Fishless Vegan Fish pie (vegan + gluten, grain & sugar-free), ultimate comfort food !

Good evening all ! & Hello to the Fishless Vegan Fish pie Needed some comfort food, namely a pie kind of thing, so here it is. A few things: This pie,

Plant-based Leek & Cauliflower soup with Broccoli Pesto (vegan + grain, gluten & sugar-free) – so nourishing & tasty

Good afternoon, I love a smooth creamy soup. I also love green vegetables. However, being in the dead of Winter, I am sick of creamy soups, I’ve been having them

(Not-so) Classic Vegan Meatloaf (legume, nut, grain, gluten & sugar-free) … comfort food in a tin :)

Time for a (Not-so) Classic Vegan Meatloaf recipe ! Winter is upon us in Australia ! Wowsers … I really was not ready for it, neither were all the plants

Vegan Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) copy-cat Mash ‘n’ Gravy, ultimate comfort in a bowl !

Hello all ! Well, it is definatley coming into the colder months here is Australia. The leaves are turning all shades of rust, orange and a brilliant red. The fires

Creamy Leek & Mushroom soup … Welcome to Autumn !

Hi all, I have to be honest, I’m not really a salad person, I much prefer “comfort” food so am rubbing my hands in glee that Autumn is upon us

Confit of sweet capsicum & onions ….great in a Bento lunch box !~

Hi ! A yummy little topping for all things Japanese as well as pretty much anything else ! The slow long cooking helps it become super sweet, a great balance