Veggie wrap round up , when you’re looking for that crunch !

Veggie wrap round up ! My top 12 favourites ! Gives crunch to a meal & is very satisfying to eat. Without further ado …. here they are ! Link under

Zucchini Big Mac sauce, a very easy recipe & certainly tasty !

Oh my goodness me, I have been working on this one for a while now, first trying it as a powder (which didn’t work), so a sauce it is. Totally

Plant-based coriander & lime cream (dairy, egg, grain, nut, gluten & sugar-free)

Wow ! I made a plant-based coriander & lime cream without the avocado –  I actually have a big allergy to avocado,so am pleased that I have managed to “recreate”

Japanese Bento box. Done. Worth it. So yummy it should be illegal !

Good evening fellow cooks ! Okey dokey all ! It is done. Awesome mix of beautiful flavours Japanese Bento style. All vegan plus grain, gluten & nut-free. We have roasted

Grain-free soba noodle salad

Hi all ! A quick and tasty way of using zucchinis and your spiraliser ! Yes, you do need a spiraliser for this dish. Awesome accompaniment to other Jappy things,

Confit of sweet capsicum & onions ….great in a Bento lunch box !~

Hi ! A yummy little topping for all things Japanese as well as pretty much anything else ! The slow long cooking helps it become super sweet, a great balance

Japanese ginger & carrot salad dressing

Hi ! A super quick, 10 minutes are you are done, salad dressing. Very fresh tasting, zingy with the ginger & sweet with the carrot. Keeps very well in the

Trio of salad … classic Aussie salad recipes reinvented for the last burst of Summer !

Hi all, Looking forward to this weekend, we are busy with family and friends, including two big BBQs. It appears to be the last blast of Summer here in Australia

Grain-free curried rice salad – a good old Aussie favourite re-hashed

Hello ! Huge childhood memories for me of this particular salad, my mum would whip this up for BBQs and celebrations with ease. And everyone loved it.  This one is

Green bean salad with roasted tomato vinaigrette – great dressing !

Hello again everyone ! A super duper simple, easy peasy, quick and easy salad recipe. Great for a quick lunch, especially if you happen to have the oven on for