OptiCook’s Kitchen, an eBook, is now available. The top 60 OptiCook recipes all in the one place

On the Eve of 2017, here is Australia, I have released my labour of love, the OptiCook’s Kitchen eBook ! It is a good alternative to trawling through the blog.

Caramelising, the very first step … get all that flavour out !

Hi all, Just a quick little post about onion, or other things, that you cook first in a recipe. I’ve noticed with some of the pictures that all you marvelous

Japanese Bento box. Done. Worth it. So yummy it should be illegal !

Good evening fellow cooks ! Okey dokey all ! It is done. Awesome mix of beautiful flavours Japanese Bento style. All vegan plus grain, gluten & nut-free. We have roasted

Old-fashioned bangers & mash with brown onion gravy, a vegan take on an old favourite !

Hi fellow cooks ! Been working on all these recipes for a little while now and finally got the whole trio tasting awesome together. I sat down last night &

New to OptiCook … Yummly !

Good afternoon ! I’m a now a publisher on Yummly and have added “Yum” button to each of my posts. If you don’t know about the Yummly site and mobile

Vietnamese noodle salad = fragrant, easy, tasty

Went back down to the “big smoke” yesterday and was reminded of the Vietnamese noodle salads I would get all the time. Here’s the Opti version, certainly not my creation

A meal in focus, how I manage cooking for “others”, a few ideas from the Madras …

Note: This post has photos and descriptions of non-Opti foods. You have been warned !  I’ve had quite a few off-line enquiries about how I manage Optifast intensive phase with