New to OptiCook … Yummly !

Good afternoon ! I’m a now a publisher on Yummly and have added “Yum” button to each of my posts. If you don’t know about the Yummly site and mobile

Grain & nut-free Romesco sauce , so versatile !

Hi ! This is just delish ! Made of cauliflower for the nuttiness, roasted capsicums and tomatoes to compliment ! It produced a heavy Spanish inspired red sauce. Can be used

Tandoori vegetables – a flavour sensation !

Morning all ! I have been making tandoori the traditional way for a while now, but decided to use the spices how I would normally do it, but replace the

Indian mint chutney , herby green goodness !

Well, I was a bit suss about how this would turn out, looks a bit like green sludge ! But don’t be scared, it was a great compliment to the

Indian Cauliflower Dhal

I saw a recipe for cauliflower dhal recently in the Jamie Oliver collection and hurriedly clicked on it to see how he did it. Well, disappointingly for us, still used

Veggie-hater baked hash, even the fussiest of fussy will love it !

Happy Friday ! Just grate the veggies and chuck it all in together ! A super easy take on hash browns, oven baked, and even mixed up in the casserole

Simple carrot mash with balsamic glaze gravy and vegetables = easy midweek meal

Happy Monday everyone ! This bowl full was so lip smacking good. I’ve been doing glazes here and there without great success as without the honey it was hard to

Vegan creamy spaghetti carbonara, a pleasure to eat

How could I have forgotten about this gorgeous dish ?  Being vegetarian I’ve done a similar thing over the years, totally and absolutely laden on butter, eggs, cheese and cream,